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I'm Nikita Tafintsev
I'm a wireless communication engineer and technology enthusiast, interested in 5G/6G networks and applications of AI/ML.
I love working with tech and people in international environments, ranging from product development, R&D to standardization activities. I'm proficient in cellular wireless networking and performance optimization in 5G NR mmWave networks.
Doctoral Researcher
Tampere University, Finland
February 2020 - Present
R&D, an industrial research project with Intel Labs, CA, USA.

Visiting PhD student
University of Twente, Netherlands
February 2022 - June 2022
System-level performance evaluations of aerial 5G networks by using SUMO and Vienna 5G simulators.

Research Assistant
Tampere University, Finland
August 2017 - February 2020
Network analysis, system-level simulations, and development of optimization algorithms for 5G mmWave wireless systems.
PhD in Computing and Electrical Engineering
Tampere University, Finland
2020 - Present
End-to-end performance evaluation and optimization of 5G mmWave networks. Development of optimization algorithms for IAB-based wireless systems.

Master's Degree with Honors in Communication Systems and Networks
Tampere University, Finland
2017 - 2019
The Master's degree involved studies on wired and wireless multi-service communication systems as well as the 5G and beyond 5G cellular networks. The main focus of the study was on radio access systems and networking levels. The physical layer of digital communication techniques and system-level RF aspects also fell within the scope of the program.

Bachelor's Degree with Honors in Radio Engineering
Peter The Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia
2013 - 2017
The Bachelor's Degree covered most of the basic engineering classes including Mathematical Analysis, Physics, Programming as well as field-specific subjects, such as FPGA and Microprocessors, Communication Theory, Electromagnetic Fields and Waves, and Ultra-high Frequency Devices and Antennas.
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